Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Dinner on your Birthday - Michael Dean's

Daryl and I had planned on going to Winston's Grille on my birthday back in November; however, he had to work late, so we missed our 6:30 reservation time. It's hard to get a table there without a reservation! It was late, so we decided to try Michael Dean's instead. Michael Dean's is a seafood restaurant practically across the street from Winston's. It's also owned by Rocky Top Hospitality who provided the catering for our wedding.

I was in a steak kind of mood that evening, so I had the filet mignon with the side of shrimp scampi. It came with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Oh, how I love asparagus! The asparagus was perfectly grilled with charred marks and served with their Bernaise sauce. Delicious! The filet mignon was cooked perfectly at medium rare and the shrimp scampi was quite tasty. The potatoes were kind of boring and bland, but again, I'm not a huge potato eater, so perhaps a potato person would be perfectly pleased. :)

Daryl ordered the shrimp and grits. Really? Shrimp and grits? Who would've guessed! He said it was delicious! But his only complaint was the smaller portion size than Zydeco in downtown Raleigh or Magnolia in Charleston, SC. Picky picky.

When the waiter approached for dessert, Daryl said "It's your birthday, you pick!" The waiter then informed us that they no longer give free desserts for birthdays. They take care of your entree. WHAT? The entree! You mean the $34 filet mignon and shrimp would be FREE? But that's not fair! Daryl should be forking out lots of cash for my birthday! Hehe!

Daryl then ordered the Creme Brulee, as usual, and I tasted a few bites of it. The temperature wasn't quite right on the inside, but the top was beautifully carmelized.

Even if it's not your birthday, you should definitely give Michael Dean's a try!

All you can eat Sushi!

Yes, you read that right...an all you can eat sushi restaurant. I LOVE sushi! I especially love all I can eat sushi! Daryl and I had previously been to a restaurant on Falls of the Neuse called A Taste of Thai. They were pretty good; however, I recently found out they closed. To our advantage, they reopened as Japan Inn, an all you can eat sushi restaurant. Lunch is $10.95 and includes soup, salad, a variety of vegetable tempura, a selection of hand rolls and "tube" rolls, and nigiri. The lunch menu does not feature any specialty rolls nor does it feature tuna...my favorite. Dinner is slightly pricier at $17.95 per person, but it does include tuna, specialty rolls, and reduced price appetizers, such as sashimi salad and edamame in addition to all that is available on the lunch menu.

The sushi is definitely not Waraji quality; however, for the price, I would bypass Waraji and head straight to Japan Inn for a budget friendly sushi meal! I highly recommend the red snapper or mackerel nigiri. It's very fresh and quite tasty!

Our waiter was very friendly and tolerated our noisy group of six and a half. :)

Damn, now I'm craving sushi again.