Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thai Spices & Cuisine

I never would've found this restaurant had it not been in the City Pass Coupon Book. If you don't own one, buy one next year. You'll get the $25 back within 2 or 3 dinners out. Heck, some of the places will only take you one dinner.

Six of us ventured to Thai Spices & Cuisine in Cary off of High House and Cary Parkway last Sunday. We all ordered a variety of appetizers and meals. I highly recommend the Wonton Soup. I'm not a huge soup eater, but that was some good soup! It had very fresh ingredients, including cilantro. The house salad should be ordered with the peanut dressing. Delicious! I ended up getting the Pad Thai as my meal with chicken and shrimp. It also had tofu in it. The pad thai was pretty tasty. I've had better elsewhere, but it was definitely worth the trip to Cary.

My friends all liked their meals as well. Anthony had sweat pouring down his head, so they definitely let you order it spicy! If you are staying for dessert, the green tea ice cream and fried cheesecake plate can feed an army of 6. According to Dave, the sushi is still better at Sushi Thai in Cary, but it was better than some other restaurants in the area.

If you have the City Pass Book, DEFINITELY check this restaurant out! The decor is very shiek too!

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