Monday, May 6, 2013

Eat At Home Adventure

During the past year, Daryl and I have been eating at home less and cooking more. There are a variety of reasons:

1. It's so much cheaper!

2. It's healthier since we know exactly what's going into the recipe.

3. It's an adventure! .

4. More creativity!

5. As we ate out more and more, we'd realize that the food was "eh, ok." Daryl would usually comment that he likes the way I make it better. And I would say something like "'s missing something. Maybe they could've added more of this and less of that?"

6. We recently purchased a new home and I LOVE the kitchen! I finally have a gas stove and prep room and I just feel more inspired to cook at home.

Going forward, my Foodie Review Blog is going to talk more about recipes, quality of ingredients, and food adventures at home! 

My blogspot address is still, so that still applies! :)

More adventures coming soon!

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