Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot Point Cafe at Lassiter Mill/North Hills

I was doing a little bit of research on places that serve breakfast on Sunday mornings. Hot Point Cafe was one of them. ( Before planning a breakfast for approximately 15 people, I decided that we'd check it out first. Their menu online had a large variety of foods...from Thai to Mexican to Italian.

Hot Point is a small cafe with more seating outside than inside. I'm hoping the weather is nice the day that we go for Breakfast so that we can sit outside.

Hot Point is tucked away behind all of the hoopla at North Hills. It's across the street from the main "mall" and if you act like you are driving behind Bonefish and the Harris Teeter, it's hidden in the corner back there diagonal from the overpriced nail salon, Lee Nails.

Obviously we couldn't try the breakfast at 7pm, so we settled for dinner. Daryl had their special of the day, Shrimp and Grits ($9.95). Big surprise there. That's all he ever orders. It had lots of bacon in it, so it was a big pleaser!

I ordered the Thai Curry Chicken Salad ($9.95). It was a pretty large salad. There were grill veggies (Zucchini, peppers, carrots), roasted red peppers, peanuts, and curry-coconut chicken skewers served with a home-made sesame ginger dressing. DELICIOUS! The salad is also served with two very large pieces of bread that were like big honkin' homemade croutons. I was even nice enough to share with Mr. Daryl. :)

I watched the very pleasant servers bring out other dishes from the kitchen. They all looked excellent! I think next time we go for dinner, I will try one of their calzones or maybe a garlic shrimp burrito.

We'll definitely be going for breakfast the morning after our wedding!

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