Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food Blog? Hmmm....sort of.

I'm going to get a bit personal here, so if you get all squirmy and nervous about personal things, feel free to move along.

Since middle school, I have been either plagued or blessed with infrequent periods. I'm sure everyone has mixed emotions about Aunt Flow and her unruly and often untimely visits. I never knew from one month to the next if Aunt Flow would come visit or how long she'd stay.

I got my very first period in 7th grade. It was awful! It was heavy and icky and nasty and stayed for 10 days. Yuck! I remember thinking how much it sucked to be a girl and immediately wished I had been born with a penis. How unfortunate to have to be stuck with this yuckiness for 10 days straight every month! However, the next couple of months came and went without a single call from Aunt Flow. I was almost happy to be neglected by her and wished she would stay away forever!

I would have my periods very infrequently; maybe every six months. In high school, I went to the gynecologist. I fondly refer to the gyno as the twat inspector and then hum the tune from "Inspector Gadget." Dun dun dun dun Inspector Gadget. Dun dun dun dun dunnn dunnnn. In high school, they put me on the pill to regulate Aunt Flow's monthly visits. The timing never matched up with the week of green pills. She still came whenever she wanted and hung around for 10 days. That bitch!

Speaking of bitch, those birth control pills made me a hormonal raging monster! I felt like I was bipolar and way too sentimental. I once cried during a radio advertisement about a particular oil company being community friendly. It was such a stupid thing to get choked up over, but my hormones were raging and out of control!

As my weight yo-yo'd up and down, it somewhat affected how often Aunt Flow visited. When I lost 100+ pounds and worked out regularly, she seemed to visit more often, but still stayed too damned long. As my weight ballooned again, she would disappear for a while and randomly reappear. I'm torn between whether I felt Aunt Flow was an unwelcome guest or very much appreciated. The jury is still out.

These days my weight is back up, but I'm struggling with dieting and exercise daily so that I can get to a healthy baby-making weight. In the meantime, Aunt Flow is now a regular visitor and has been for about 8 months. Some months she stays for 10 days, other months only 5.

So what has changed recently to make Aunt Flow a more regular visitor in my life? Two words...and you may think I'm some space cadet granola eater...Organic Milk. That is really the only major change I have made in the past 8 months. I've dieted before...similar to my current eating habits and it never had much of an effect. I've exercised before and it never had much of an effect.

I decided to give organic milk a try after reading about some of the benefits in a book I was reading. Also, I read about the astonishing living conditions of "industrial" cows. They are fed hormones and antibiotics regularly since they have bloody and pus-filled udders. Great visual, right? How do you like your pus milk with those Cheerios?!

Organic milk tastes much better than non-organic! I've had nothing but positive experiences with organic milk! Also, if you watch the sales ads and clip those coupons, you can usually get organic milk at a price lower than regular or around the same price. Both Organic Valley and Horizon regularly have coupons on their website. Harris Teeter, Kroger, and Target usually have Horizon Organic Milk on sale. Harris Teeter doubles the $0.55 coupon from Horizon, so even better!

I went on an Internet journey searching the reason for organic milk being considered healthier and I really think the most beneficial thing is the absence of growth hormones in organic milk. Those Bessies pumped up on hormones produce hormone laden milk. I really think the over abundance of cow hormones have caused my irregular visits from Aunt Flow. I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV. I usually don't buy into the granola eater psycho babble, but I have become a proponent of organic milk. I wear my milk moustache proudly!

Got Organic Milk?

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