Friday, August 5, 2011

Chakras Indian Cuisine at Brier Creek

I purchased a Living Social Voucher for Chakras, though, I was thinking of Zayaka when I purchased it.  Zayaka is near Earth Fare on Brier Creek Parkway.  Chakras is near Walmart on the other side of 70 on Brier Creek Parkway.  Oops!  Daryl and I decided to try Chakras one evening after work. Daryl ordered the Korma with Shrimp ($11.95). I ordered the Afghani Lamb Chops ($14.95). The Korma was delicious and had a great blend of spices and flavors, but not worth the $11.95 for your 5 pieces of shrimp and some basmati rice and sauce.  We also ordered naan (thin pita like bread, also overpriced), but it had so much ghee (Indian for butter) that it just wasn't very good.  The lamb chops were a HUGE rip off! $14.95 for 4 bites of lamb and a fork full of rice (no, really, that was it)! I ended up having to eat again once we got home because my $15 "dinner" was barely an appetizer.  The cilantro sauce that went alongside the lamb chops had great flavor; however, I cannot not recommend this restaurant, especially to a dollar friendly consumer!  Next time, we'll go to Zayaka.

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