Friday, August 5, 2011

Hole in the Wall and Delicious! Solomon's Mediterranean Restaurant on Capital Blvd

I've been to the Solomon's at Six Forks, so I thought this would be about the same.  The location (Mini City Plaza off of Capital) is kind of sketchy.  The, reconverted Pizza Hut from long ago.  The food...OUTSTANDING!  The prices at this Solomon's are lower than the one at Six Forks.  The food is 10 times better!  It's the best hole in the wall on Capital!   Daryl and I had the grape leaves ($3.95 - the price is $4.29 at Six Forks) and Hummus ($3.95 - can only order the chicken and hummus for $7.99 at the Six Forks location) to start.  Both were delicious!  Daryl had the shrimp scampi ($11.99 - the price is $15.99 at the Solomon's at Six Forks), which he thought was a little watered down, probably because the chef pulled the noodles right out of a hot pot of water and straight into the bowl, but the flavor was still really good!  There was fresh shrimp all throughout the dish.  I ordered the spinach salad ($5.99 - the price is $6.99 at Six Forks) with the hot bacon dressing and added grilled Salmon ($3.99).  The salmon was grilled perfectly and cooked to perfection with the perfect amount of seasoning!  The salad was loaded with fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms, fresh red onion, and fresh sliced tomato along with delicious pita croutons and house made hot bacon dressing.  The meal was outstanding!  It was much more than I expected when we first showed up.  I would go back again and again!


  1. Funny. Katherine and I tried Solomon's once (I don't recall what location) and we both hated it.

  2. OH, yeah, I loved this place for lunch when I worked on Capital Blvd.