Thursday, June 11, 2009

An in Cary

July 27, 2007

I convinced my boss to take me to An for lunch. I wanted to try it, but with such expensive entrees, my fiance and I tend to shy away from trying something too pricey with mixed reviews.

I wasn't impressed. The sushi ok. Not much variety. And VERY expensive. The rolls (for lunch) were $14 and $16 for the two we got. They were very small and very unimpressive. I've had better at the dollar sushi place down the hill from my office.

I got the peanut chicken noodle dish. I debated for the first 5 minutes if it should've been a cold noodle dish or if it was supposed to be hot and it somehow turned into luke warm/cold. I then had to ask the waitress for some sort of spicy sauce to add a little kick to how bland it was.

The two others I went with got the Box Lunch which is this dish that comes with 6 small boxes of food (different special every day I believe). One was a Vietnamese spring roll. One liked it. The other hated it. Then there was a piece of mahi mahi with a spicy shrimp sauce. They both said it was ok. Then a salad and a thing with steamed veggies and something else too. Neither of them cared for the vegetable chowder soup. They both said it tasted "interesting."

The boss man said he'd definitely get something else if he went again. The boss lady agreed that it was overpriced and she expected much more both in presentation and in flavor.

The boss man paid almost $100 for our three-person lunch. (We didn't even order drinks, though a martini during lunch would've been GREAT for a Friday afternoon!) I feel like I just saved my fiance a bunch of money! (And he didn't even have to switch to Geico. Hehe!)

  • Pros: Gorgeous interior, great presentation, classy restaurant, great staff!
  • Cons: Price for the quality. I wasn't impressed by the food or the prices.

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