Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pizza Hut's Lasagna

I know...I consider myself a foodie and I'm commenting on Pizza Hut's lasagna? Yeh, it was a moment of weakness.

January 29, 2009

You see the commercials, you receive the ads in the newspaper, but that is SO not accurate! You are expecting this deep dish wonderful lasagna and you are salivating thinking about getting it deliver to your door in 45 minutes when it would take you two hours to prepare it yourself at home and bake it....oh, and no mess afterwards. Then the delivery man comes to your door, you fork out $18.00 plus tip, and take the tiny box from his hand. You then go into the kitchen and open the box, only to find some lasagna noodles folded over one another with a smidgeon of sauce and some cheese on top. What??? $18 for that!? Seriously, it's SO not worth it and it's not at all tasty. The breadsticks were the only redeeming quality. If you think you want lasagna, PASS!!! Go to Olive Garden instead.

  • Pros: Delivery is quick
  • Cons: The lasagna is DISGUSTING and OVERPRICED!

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