Thursday, June 11, 2009

J. Betski's....Raleigh....More like German Fusion than German

October 31, 2007

My friends and I pick a new ethnic restaurant ever month and give it a try. We ended up at J. Betski's for some yummy German food! My family is German and I've had true German food. I have to say the schnitzel was right in line with what I remember grandma cookin'. I had a sampling of the other dishes as well and it was more like German fusion (a little bit of German mixed with French) than true German. The menu isn't as extensive as I would've liked. The prices are extremely high! The beer selection is great! The desserts were great! DO NOT bring your children! One of my friend's brought her 6 year old son. They do not have a kid's menu, so she just ordered him a chicken breast with some potatoes. A $15 chicken breast with potatoes and no surprise toy included. Yikes! The waiter would not separate our check. The restaurant was very crowded and noisy. With reservations, we waited about an extra 20 minutes for our very cramped table for 7. I think I'd go back with a party of 2 to try it once more, but it's not good at all for group dining.

  • Pros: Great schnitzel! Yummy desserts. Extensive beer selection.
  • Cons: PRICE! German fusion instead of true German, noisy, crowded, not kid friendly, not group friendly

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