Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inchin's Bamboo Garden...Morrisville, NC

Daryl and I went out to dinner with Stacey and Wes with our Entertainment Book. Wes had a hankering for some Pad Thai, but after looking through the Entertainment Book, he settled on Bamboo Garden in Morrisville. The description said "Asian Fusion," and after eating there, I can see where they are coming from.

Daryl and I shared the lettuce wraps. Delicious! Not quite as good as PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps; however, Bamboo Garden's seemed to have fresher ingredients. Our waiter was annoying. Wes asked him what he thought of certain dishes and the little Indian boy kept going on and on about how he likes Pizza and Hamburgers and nothing on the menu is good except plain dry white meat chicken. I think the owner needs to rethink his hiring methods. Requirement: Must love Asian Fusion and inspire customers, not make them wish they went to Georgina's Pizzeria just next door.

Stacey ordered The Mongolian Chicken, I think. It was similar to sweet and sour chicken. Wes ordered Chicken Manchurian, which was basically chicken cut into small pieces in a whitish gravy with smally chopped vegetables. Wes had to add some spice to it. It was a very "regular" Chinese type of dish that you could get at almost any Chinese Restaurant. Our bland waiter warned him of that beforehand. I guess he was right about something.

Daryl ordered the Grilled Shrimp with Garlic Sauce. It was quite good! Very garlicky and very shrimpy! The portions are pretty good sized as well. Lastly, I had the Cilantro Fish. Tilapia had been breaded and then coated with a sweet sauce. The dish came with vegetables chopped into large pieces (peppers, onions, etc). The dish was then covered in coursely chopped cilantro. The cilantro was a really interesting flavor for an Asian dish. It was unexpected and really good!

The dishes are served with a community bowl of white rice. I think it was Jasmine rice.

We were the only non-Indian patrons at Bamboo Garden the entire time we were there. Apparently it's a big favorite and it is right next to the Indian Grocery Store. Morrisville has a very large Indian population since it's very close to IBM, Cisco, and RTP.

So if you have an Entertainment Book with your buy one get one free coupon for Bamboo Garden, definitely give it a shot! I recommend the Cilantro Fish.

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