Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saffron Indian Cuisine in Morrisville

August 13, 2007

My friends and I get together for "ethnic dinner night" once a month. We choose a different ethnic restaurant every month and a rather larger group (17 last night) go and get to try new foods.

I ordered the Rajasthani Solay appetizer, which was basically lamb on a stick. The portion was really small for the price, but the taste was really good. I then ordered the Malai Chicken Tikka. I actually thought it was rather bland without a lot of flavor. LUCKILY, since we had such a large group, I got to try bits and pieces of other foods as well.

I tried the Saffron Chicken...the sauce was spicy and very good. I love the yogurt sauce that comes with the flour crisps when you are first seated. It reminded me Greek Zatiki cucumber yogurt dip. Good stuff! We liked the garlic nan. There was a dish with cashews and onion sauce....very good! I thought the food was a little overpriced for what you got though.

The service definitely could've been better. I realize we had a group of 17, but the waiter was very short and rude with us. He still did well with getting our orders correct and explained some of the dishes to us. He still seemed annoyed by us and very impatient.

I'd go back. I'd like to try some more dishes!

  • Pros: Good food, yummy yogurt dip, loved the flour crisps
  • Cons: Server wasn't very friendly, pricey

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