Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lucky 32 in Cary

January 14, 2009

What happened??

Lucky 32 used to be an excellent place to go to eat! The food was always amazing, the presentation was great, and the service rocked! Daryl and I decided to go there for dinner last night and try some items from their Private Parties menu so that we could decide if we wanted to have our wedding reception there. First we had the Artichoke Dip as an appetizer. YUM! It's delicious! Then we had the sweet potato hushpuppies appetizer. They came out SUPER hot...too hot to eat actually, so we couldn't eat those for about 10 minutes. Then we waited....and waited....and waited....and waited for our entrees. I think 40 minutes later they finally arrived and had we not had our techno gadgets with us, we would've been bored and probably just asked for a check. Daryl got the Blue Cheese Sirloin. It was charred so badly on the outside that it was very tough and not tasty. I had the Russian River Chicken. It was cold. The goat cheese was not melted on top like I had anticipated and the fried spinach was SUPER salty! The sides of mashed potatoes and green beans were cold and uninspiring. For $20 per entree, it was definitely not worth it. The service was good. I think our waitress felt bad that our food took so long, but we never got an explanation as to why. I hope they turn things around. They used to be delicious! In conclusion, we will NOT be having our wedding reception there. Winston's would be a far better choice.

  • Pros: Artichoke Dip, fresh breads, presentation
  • Cons: Poor quality for the price, food was either too hot or too cold. Food took FOREVER!

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